Happy New Year!

by - Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year all! I hope that 2008 brings opportunities (notice I used my word) to all!

Now... I need some help... in my quest to be healthier I need some cool tunes for my iPod to keep me going... so I am taking suggestions of what I should download.

I am watching the New Year's Classic... 73,000 fans in Buffalo watching an outdoor NHL hockey game... isn't that the coolest (well, really - it is snowing) thing ever?

Off to find a grocery store... it is hard to start eating healthy if you don't have a single vegetable in your house!

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  1. Music... right now while I'm on the treadmill I like to listen to soundtrack music - specifically the Lord of the Rings and some orchestral jazz stuff... when I need some regular music I like "If you can, can, can" from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack - it will definitely get you moving again if you've slowed down - I also like JT and his 11 minute version of "What Goes Around" I know that this is a long song and I can start to do an incline for the duration of the song. The important thing is to listen to something you love - I also take my mind off of the whole task by reading, if I'm walking. This only works if I"m walking on inclines - running and reading isn't very good - I also mix things up with Taebo or a variety of other workouts...