Drying Off…

by - Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, I hope that you haven’t been waiting anxiously by your computer for my next review (since I mentioned earlier in the week that I would write it the next day)… honestly, I don’t know if anyone is even reading this – but I hope that if you have stumbled across my little blog that it is actually proving helpful in one way or another.
Now… onto the towel situation.  As with the sleeping bag, we are required to bring atowel on the European Whirl.  Many people may just go and grab a towel from the closet and call it a day… but there are a couple of things that I think one needs to consider:
  • size/weight
  • absorbancy
  • dry-ability (my new word for not having to put a soaking wet towel back in my suitcase)
There are a couple of other things too – I am one of those two-towel people… one for my hair and one to wrap around my body.  I know that I am going to have to give that luxury up (not that I am too concerned about it) but I still wanted a decent sized towel.
To combat all of my issues, I decided on the Adventure Towel Microfibre Bath Towelthat I bought at MEC for $25 (fancy that my entire sleeping bag only cost double the cost of the towel… hmmm…).  It is in it’s own little carry case, and weighs a total of 186 grams and has excellent reviews from people who actually backpacked in places like Nepal – I figure if it doesn’t get a stink after six weeks there I can handle it for three weeks while travelling on a bus.
Hmmm… next topic… probably my suitcase… or backpack… or…. ahhh… who knows what I will get all my crap to Europe in?

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