50 in 40

by - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I realized while working on a craft project that involves a cork map and flag pins, that with my current travel plans, I will have travelled to 49 countries in my first 40 years.

45 of those countries will have been visited since I turned 30...

49 is great... but not as great as 50. 

After asking to be included in a friend's vacation in the Fall to aid in getting to 50 countries by May (where we realized I'd been everywhere she's going with the exception of Gibraltar... which led to a discussion as to whether Gibraltar is even a country, and whether British Overseas Territories would count as a country), it was decided that a day trip from Barcelona in October will be just what I need. 

So Andorra... I'll be in you for about 8 hours in October... and I'll celebrate visiting my 50th country right on my 40th birthday. 

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