My First Review… the Travel Shoe…

by - Sunday, February 10, 2008

It took me almost a month to commit to a pair of travel shoes… I wanted comfortable, trendy (aka not fugly) and decently priced shoes for both my trip to Europe and my one week in Las Vegas over Easter.  Luckily for me I live in a decent sized city with lots of shoe stores, and I perused them all for a couple of weekends before setting on the ECCO Walkathon (I will note now that I have ginormous feet and had to settle for mens shoes…).  They cost $199.99 (same as the website) and so far they feel like little clouds on my feet.  They aren’t the most beautiful shoes out there, but they will do the job with a pair of jeans (and yes, I will be packing three pairs of jeans for Europe – I don’t do shorts and I don’t wear elastic-waist cotton pants… no matter what the occasion).
I am still in the market for a good pair of sandals as well.  I remember the pain my feet were in when I went to the Dominican Republic from wearing cheapy sandals and I will not go through that again.  I will probably just go with a pair of Tevas or Nike sandals from a sporting goods store for this as many of the sandals I encountered in the fancy shops were just plain nasty.
Now I need to research socks… I swear I will have put in as much time researching this trip as I will be spending on the twip!

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