55 Hours and Counting!

by - Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Until my plane leaves!!
I received some great advise from my friend Mike who kindly went over my packing list for me… and he has actually been to Paris so the man knows what he is talking about (he will probably get a swelled head over that comment!)…
So here is the updated plan of attack… rather than re-listing everything I am just going to mention the things that have changed…
- nixed one pair of capri pants – I don’t really like capris anyway so this wasn’t hard to do
- added a lightweight hoodie – and a semi-lightweight North Face jacket – perfect for layering
- discarded the idea of the Nintendo DS – like I need to haul more crap around
- decided on a yes to the bathing suit (even if I look like a beached whale… but I digress)…
- TP… for those damned squat toilets
- I will be bringing a backpack on the plane… in it will be a spare change of clothes (I don’t trust Air Canada as far as I could throw them), my travel pillow and my travel information and iPod…
I hope to update this blog a bit while I am gone… but for the most part I will be keeping a journal and then doing a bunch of updating at the end with pictures and such.  I am so excited… I think people at work are happy that they only have to deal with me.

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