Less Than 2 Months!!

by - Monday, March 03, 2008

Here I am, less than two months from my voyage… and I think I have run out of steam on the whole researching thing… I mean – I can only fit so much into my trip… but here are a few things that I have figured out.
Yes – Rick Steves is a god… a quirky one… but definitly a travel god.  I have taken out all his books in the library, and have scanned all his maps – they are small and easy to read, include all of the metro stops, as well as all of the touristy places that I will probably want to go.  I am going to print off these maps and make them into a small book, and include all the information about prices, times, dates and all other pertinent information on the tourist attractions.  Hopefully that will allow me to plan my free time.
I am going to convert most of my money while in Europe.  I am going to bring three bank cards (two for the same bank – that will be my primary account), and one for a secondary account incase something happens with my first account.  I will be calling in the middle of April to let the banks, as well as my credit card companies, know that I will be in Europe for a month so that my charges/usage doesn’t get restricted.  I am also going to take all of the phone numbers of the banks and credit cards with me and probably store them in my suitcase incase something goes awry… but I am crossing my fingers that because I have common sense that I will be okay.  I do have about £300 and about €300 in cash to take with me to get started (that is from my rolled coin money – it is amazing how quickly loonies and toonies add up!!).
Since I leave for Las Vegas in 16 sleeps for a week… most of my focus is on researching the Grand Canyon and the newest buffets right now… but I do visit the Contiki forums and Rick Steves forums at least once (read ten times) daily… I would hate to miss out on a good topic!

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