Facebook Boycott...

by - Monday, April 14, 2008

Facebook just removed my Trevor Linden fan page... unauthorized they say. It sucks - there were upwards of 23,000 people in the group before they pulled the plug. And now they are threatening to disable my account... I feel like I have just been slapped on the hand by Facebook!

I tell you - it better not have been Trevor that tipped them off... he may lose points in my good book if he did!! It was a FAN page for crying out loud!!

On a happier note... 17 sleeps until Europe!!

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  1. That stinks! I was one of those 23,000 people in the group! My facebook picture of him was taken on the new Jersey unveiling day at GM place in the summer. I wonder when he's actually going to make the official announcement about his retirement?
    And did you hear that Dave Nonis got fired? There's rumors that the owners are talking with Brian Burke, and Pat Quinn has been mentioned as well. I'm kinda' surprised as I thought they'd give Nonis another year. Oh well...could be really good depending on who takes over for him.
    Anyways, keep me posted on the Facebook affair. What a joke!!
    C ya'!

  2. I'm sorry - they suck.

    I only use and abuse facebook for scrabble. And even that is boring me now. Stupid facebook.