About Me... June 21 Version...

by - Saturday, June 21, 2008

- just call me the "one week wonder"
- found a new apartment... that is bigger, cheaper, nicer, closer to work AND HAS A DISHWASHER... get possession on July 1st which gives me a whole month to move... I will be saving at least $200 a month by moving to this new place!
- have sold $150 worth of stuff on eBay, $75 on kijiji, $30 on SplitCoastStampers, and $140 to a friend... it is all good... that pretty much covers my moving expenses
- realized that packing isn't so bad... it is the collecting of boxes that is a pain in the ass
- I am going to the Calgary Hellenic Festival today - and I am going to eat Greek food until I become ill...
- I like Grey's Anatomy... and I really want the next episode of Ice Road Truckers to be posted on the internet so I can watch it...

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