I KNOW You Have All Been Waiting...

by - Thursday, June 12, 2008

For the continuation of my list... now is going to make some people laugh real hard... these are the write-ins... added over time... now that I look at the list I see one of my university roomie's fiance, my old physiotherapist, a girl that I worked a summer job with's brother (who is married and I don't think that I ever actually met him)... and a couple that I may just get chastised for by friends... but anyways... here goes...

Dave the Costco boy
Dwayne Hay - Canadian team
Marc Denis - Canadian team
guy from Jo Dee Messina video
Aldo boy in Prince George
Dennis Mullen
Dustin Robin
Brendan Fleenor
Ferraro twins
twins from Canucks game
Ben Browder - Party of Five
Joshua Morrow - Y&R
(Niklas Castadine) - GH
Cliff R. Sheilds
FS (I am protecting the innocent there... he's the fiance!)
Josh Holden
James van der Beek
Aaron Stack
Ben Affleck
Michael Bergen - Baywatch
Ricky Martin
Matt Damn
Freddie Prinze Jr.
guy from Superstore in Courtenay
Joshua Jackson
Vincent A. Larusso
Michael Budlitz

I used initials for the real people that I am still friends with... or have friends of friends... I originally put their names down but I decided against it... I don't need complete humiliation!

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  1. And me. I know you totally want me as well.

    Who doesn't?