Things That Make My Eyes Roll...

by - Tuesday, June 10, 2008

- Rain... I think that I am really going to have to pull the blueprints out for my ark soon... it is never-ending... and as much as I don't mind rain... I don't mind it when I am indoors and don't have to go outsite... but unfortuantely I haven't built myself one of those Costco money shoot thingies to suck me from my apartment to work every morning.
- the BC Government... who just informed me that my mom's maiden name really isn't her maiden name... and I guess that means I can't get a birth certificate... which I guess means I was never born - and to think - we used to tell my brother he was found under a rock... maybe it was me the whole time...
- another kudos for the BC Government... or I guess this one is the Supreme Court of Canada... $41.00 for a divorce certificate to be mailed to Alberta? $10.00 for the actual mailing part - I mean - people - the stamp costs $.52 plus GST... gimme a break... I got a birth certificate ordered and mailed from the UK for £10.00 (which equated to $20.14 CDN)... get with the program - it is a piece of paper dammit!

I think that is all I have to rant about for now... but I am sure that something else will annoy me by the end of the day... stay tuned!

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