Most People Won't Give a Damn...

by - Tuesday, June 10, 2008

But I am going to write this extremely long post anyways... you see - I just went through about 15 years of greeting cards and letters (the letters are mainly from friends when I was in University... the greeting cards... well some of those are pretty recent)... the cards are getting trashed (for the most part)... but the letters I am keeping... some of them are damn funny... but I did come across "The List" (yes - that is what it is called)... I have no idea what the list meant - whether I would sleep with them or whether I just wanted to be with them... but I am letting you... the loyal readers of my blog... know what was going through my mind circa approximately 1996... it is a long list... I apologize now... and I take no responsibility for names here... and no... apart from maybe Trevor Linden... and a few others... I don't want to do with them what I wanted to do with them 12 or so years ago...

These are the typewritten ones... along with the apparent pre-requisite commentary...
Denis Ladouceur - PG Sprucekings
Trevor Linden - Vancouver Canucks
Scott Wolf - Party of Five
Matthew McConaughey - A Time to Kill
Dean Cain - only when Clark
Kirk McLean - Vancouver Canucks
David Schwimmer - Friends
Alexi Nemov
Alexandre Daigle - Ottawa Senators
Clay Walker
Brian Dattilo - Days of Our Lives
Christian Bale - Newsies, Swing Kids
guy at airport
guy (John) in Terri Clark video
Jax on General Hospital
Tom Cruise - Jerry Maguire
Robert Sean Leonard - Newsies
Wil Wheation - Stand by Me only
hot geography boy
Patrick Swayze - Dirty Dancing only
Lee Montgomery
Bill Paxton - Twister
Mark Whalberg - Fear
Cameron Bancroft - Beverly Hills 90210
Pat Mastrioanni - Degrassi High
Darcy Tucker - Montreal Canadiens
Kurt Russel - Backdraft
Bootlegger boy from Courtenay
Richard Gere - Sommersby
Hnat Domenchelli - Kamloops Blazers
Wade Redden - New York Islanders
boy from TC bank in Prince George
Jonathan - Costco boy
John Shorthouse - UTV Sportspage
James Marsden - Second Noah
Antonio Sabato Jr. - General Hospital
David Chokachi - Baywatch
Paul Michael Valley - Another World
Jamie Linden - Grand Rapids Griffins
Brad Holzinger - Buffalo Sabres
hot Quesnel Millionaires guy
Brian Krause - Return to the Blue Lagoon
Alyn McCauley - Cdn. Jr. Hockey Team
Chris O'Donnell
Colin McCann
Joel Kwiatkowski - PG Cougars
Craig Metcalf
Brett Hedican - Vancouver Canucks
Ed Jovanovski - Florida Panthers
Brett Favre - Green Bay Packers
Yannick Bisson - The Rookie
Keith Tkachuk - Phoenix Coyotes
Austin Peck - Days of Our Lives
Kevin McClatchey - old Nick on Another World
Chris Cummings
Rick the Temp - Muchmusic
David Duchovney - X-Files
Noah Wylie - ER
Ethan Hawk - Alive
David Hanson - Hang Time
three CPSC 150 guys
Wintergarden guy and his twin (Sergeant's)
Mighty Duck movie captain
Sean Connery - Rock, Medicine Man
Kevin Bacon - Apollo 13
Christian Slater - only from Broken Arrow
Lochlyn Munroe - Northwood
Joe Lando - Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Steven Baldwin - Backdraft
Harrison Ford - Sabrina
DB Sweeney - The Cutting Edge
Paul Rudd - Clueless
Eric Daze - Chicago Blackhawks
Athlete's World boy in Prince George
Nicholas Lea - X-Files Alex Kryczek
boy (Gilbert) from Anne of Green Gables
Diego Serrano - Another World
Mark Consuelos - All My Children
George Clooney - ER
Ryan James Bittle - Sweet Valley High
Scott Neidermayer - New Jersey Devils
Daymond Lankow - Tampa Bay Lightning
Jamie Heward - Toronto Maple Leafs
Roch Voisine
Mark Mortimer - new Nick on Another World
cast from White Squall

I am going to save my write ins... and yes there are about another 35 or so on the list... and there are some real people... including the fiance of one of my friends... good thing I got over him like 12 years ago!! Damn this is funny... and if you reading it don't think so... oh well... this is my blog and there is no accounting for taste... damn that was a fine trip down memory lane... now if only I could find the camera manual I actually started looking for in the first place...

ETA... found the camera manual... it only took three hours and three bags of garbage... and one huge bag for the thrift store... damn I am good...

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  1. Hey Carmen!
    Great eye candy on the list....but John Shorthouse?? Really??? Hehehe!
    Great idea about getting the British Passport - I actually thought of doing the same thing a long while back before I was married. My dad was born in Liverpool, and I still have family there and in Scotland.
    Glad you had a great trip...I'm jealous!!
    Take care,
    p.s. Trevor's having a press conference tomorrow at 11 a.m. and supposed to be announcing retirement. If the Canucks don't hire him in some capacity I'll be choked!!

  2. Um... the list is from Friends - remember Ross had the LIST - his top ten picks for humping if he had the chance... I still have my top ten list from the gold old days too :)

    Ok - so maybe you had an extra long list..... I remember having a large list and then shrinking it way down to get it onto a piece of paper that fit in my wallet - just like Ross...

    Whatever happened to your rent? Was June rent free month... are you moving?

  3. Anonymous1:25 AM

    So a few comments here from me ...

    I LOVE the total random people like "hot geograhpy guy" and "3 (3!)CPSC 150 guys (well that class was such a joke, guy watching could have constitued paying attention).

    It would appear that you have/had a passion for hockey players and soap opera stars - when on earth did you find time to finish your degree and watch all those shows!

    IF you were to hopefully "do" these guys, this would require quite a few visits to Costco to stock up on "supplies"...

    I am sure that there are other comments that could/should be made, but it is getting late.

    Too funny ... I love it. Thanks for sharing, really, thanks! Be sure to hold onto this one for a good laugh in another 10!

  4. Anonymous1:26 AM

    I can never figure out how to properly post my name on this freakin' thing ... the above post is from me, your loving friend Jen (the one in the PeeGEE!) ...

  5. OK so was I the only one giggling the whole time?? I know too many of those people and know where youa re coming from. For sure Darcy Tucker-now a Leaf as we all know...I Love him and Shane hates that.