I Really Want To...

by - Monday, August 18, 2008

Make my blog bigger and better. And drop even the inking that there will be a post of a craft or two because, as you loyal readers know... crafting for me has gone by the wayside... I have limited my stamping purchases to probably less than $100 since I got back from Europe... and have actually purged some stamps on the internet.

So - I have looked into the blogher.com network - I think I am pretty funny... I could probably keep at least one or two people interested...

I am really going to make an effort to switch over to a wordpress blog in the near future... but I want it to look good before it goes live... and well - I kinda have a life these days - kinda hard to believe I know - but it is true... at least for the time being.

I really am a fun girl.

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