Yeah... Today Was an Awesome Day!!

by - Friday, August 29, 2008

I AM NEGATIVE! Take that New Guy! {doing a happy dance around the living room} I had the most awesome text message response to his of "did you end up getting to the doctor"... my reply was "yes - went on Wed and got the negative test results today". Funny how I sent that message two hours ago and haven't heard from him. Probably feels like the world's largest idiot!

I can now go another 31 years (or preferrably until I die) without an STI!! Yeah - no more STD's... they are called STI's these days as they aren't all diseases...

So... I have pretty much decided on the new car - and I think I am going to lease... but I will decide when I can actually get to a VW dealer next week...

In the meantime I decided to upgrade my cell phone to one that is easier to text message on - since this is the year 2008 and if I am going to have a phone I might as well use one to its best capabilities... this one was only $49.99 and I think I am in love with it already!
Now I am searching etsy for a cool cell phone cozy to protect my new baby... if anyone has a reputable etsy seller that can hook me up let me know. So now when I update Facebook I can be just about anywhere... same with Twitter. I am a woman of the 21st century (finally)!

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  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Woot woot ... Yahoo for the negative results - although we already knew that you were, it is nice to hear for sure... So wouldn't new guy now fall into the category of Old Guy?

    p.s. that is a freakin' cool phone! and it only cost 50 bucks? Sweet!