My Life Got All-of-a-Sudden Boring...

by - Thursday, October 09, 2008

I have nothing to say... but I feel obligated to let the blogging community know that apparently.

Today I will...
- meet with tonnes of students and try not to roll my eyes at them
- watch NCIS, Criminal Minds and perhaps an episode of Degrassi: the Next Generation
- work on my cookbook as I am tired of losing recipes that I have printed on random sheets of paper
- spend half my evening at a boring work thing eating cafateria "food" while my other co-workers go out for yummy Greek food
- go home and find out if Warrick dies on CSI
- cheer on the Canucks on TV as they open the season at home against the Flames

That's all folks... now - if you have any tried, tested and true yummy recipies - feel free to forward them to me!

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