A Social Experiment

by - Monday, October 20, 2008

One of my local radio stations, Energy 101.5, is doing a "social experiment". Two Strangers and a Wedding. Get listeners to choose a bride... get listeners to choose groom... and then they get married (and I think they each get a car too!).

Except... said bride is a secret... and she never actually meets said groom... until the curtain drops at the wedding and he is revealed.

I think that this is great. Two consenting adults. Polygraph, credit, medical and criminal records checks. The opportunity to fall in love and not let all of the other shit get in the way.

As I was out with a friend on the weekend, I actually made this comment about myself:

"I bet that I am one of those girls that barely got a second look the entire night"... and we were surrounded by people... lots and lots of people...

Yep... that is me wallowing in a boatload of self pity. Cause you know... I am no dog... but I am also not perfect... it is my personality that would probably win most people over and you can't wear your personality on your sleeve. Geez... my personality... kinda makes me sound like the ugly girl in school whose mom tells her that she is a great girl and will make any man happy... even though she looks like a bus hit her. I can assure you that I have not been hit by the ugly stick...

Three weeks ago they started interviewing the 'brides'... they narrowed it down to five (one for each day of the week), and then the listeners got to vote online for their choice. Friday dropped out, so we got to pick from Monday-Thursday. My choice was Monday (she seems so nice... although I didn't vote - I limit my voting to texting in votes for Canadian Idol)... and she got it! I think I would like to be friends with Monday...

Monday spends the next couple of weeks doing bride-y things - picking her dress, picking flowers, tasting cakes... really all the decisions the bride makes anyways (remember people, I have been through this before!).

This week Monday (yes, they call her that... even the radio people don't know who she is...) interviews her potential grooms... Monday-Friday. Monday sounds good... a little tired... but it is first thing in the morning and he is still rather humorous on air. He is apparently an ex-pro athlete... which even given my affinity to hockey players may be a breaking point as well, pro-athletes = man sluts in my books...

Next Monday, Monday (Monday's bride that is) finds out who the listeners picked to be her groom. They don't ever get to meet each other and their only contact is talking to each other while on air...

Then next Thursday evening... whamo... they are married!

People keep commenting that this is a ruining the sanctity of marriage... blah, blah, blah. Two consenting adults who genuinely want to find love... hey why not? Really, I think this is better than any online dating site... credit, criminal and medical checks?


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  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    ha ha ha ha ha! You're sure you're not Monday? At the very least, you should help her pick her man, don't ya think? Looking forward to your updates.

  2. I think it's a crazy idea - but fun. Who knows, maybe they'll live happily ever after! (Or maybe not?)