A Moment of Awkwardness...

by - Saturday, November 29, 2008

So... on a Friday night it is not uncommon that I go see a hockey game involving the college I work for.  Sometimes I go with friends - sometimes I go by myself if the alternative is sitting on the couch alone on a Friday night.

Normally, I make friends with the parents of the "kids" and have someone to talk to the whole game.  I try not to cheer too much (don't want to draw attention to myself) but every once in awhile a "get your head out of your ass" comment is directed to the referee.  Under my breath of course.

Friday nights is also when I get to oogle the guy with the nice eyes.  Damn they are sexy... and really - so is he.  But he is one of my "students"* (and honestly totally out of my league but I will use the student status as the excuse), so it is a look, admire - but don't touch kind of thing I have going on.

Tonight he recognizes me.  Damn.  And sends one of his buddies my way.

Now - you may think - SCORE!  I land the hottie "student"... he is sending out a wing man to test the waters.

No - his buddy asks me advise... hottie student sent him my way to ask about work stuff - transferring between schools, figuring out classes, etc.  Which is kind of awkward... I don't want to be recognized at these games - I want to be incognito.

I am so putting in for overtime.  There is no way I should be asked work questions at a hockey game - even if it is from the hottie student's almost equally-as-hot friend (but without the sexy eyes).

Now hottie student's friend now has my work number stored in his Blackberry.  For work purposes only I am afraid.  

Boo hoo.

* Yes... there are entirely to many "quotation marks" in this post.  So sue me.

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