Nicholas Sparks Movies are my Kryptonite

by - Tuesday, July 10, 2018

It's true... my name is Carmen, and I am somewhat addicted to Nicholas Sparks movies.

They're my go-to on a plane... partially because I've seen them all, so don't mind falling asleep while watching, and partially because I love a good love story.

I also wish on a fairly regular basis that my life mirrored a Nicholas Sparks movie... but sadly, that has yet to come true (although if having that one lobster for you is true, I may just get a movie deal yet!).

So, I've decided to rank all of the Nicholas Sparks movies on a completely arbitrary scale - basically I'm ranking them as I'd like them to be my life - from "worst" (but there really is no worst - I just think they have a crappy ending) to "best" (I know none of these films are Oscar worthy, and I'm totally okay with that).

11. The Best of Me

This one is the worst strictly because of the ending... cause really - James Marsden with sexy salt and pepper sideburns? That really should make a movie, IMHO, but death does not.

10. The Last Song

I know Miley and Liam are a real-life couple... but I just didn't buy it.  Plus, I think Miley has gone off her rocker too many times, and I can't get past that.

9. Dear John

I'm all for the story... but again, I'm just not a fan of one of the main characters - Amanda Seyfried.  Oh - and Channing Tatum spent waaaay too much time with his shirt on.

8. Message in a Bottle

I just don't really buy Kevin Costner in a romantic movie.  He's a bit too awkward for my liking. The story is rather unbelievable, but that's what makes a Nicholas Sparks movie.

7. Safe Haven

I like Julianne Hough.  I like Josh Duhamel.  But I didn't really like them together.  But of course, as with most Nicholas Sparks movies, the characters overcome adversity and fall in love...

6. A Night to Remember

This was the only movie that I had read the book first.  The bad boy in town falls for the church girl... cause of course!  The reason it ranks as low as it does is because of the ending - while it works for the story, I don't like that it made me cry.

5. The Notebook

I love the story... I really do.  I love the little twist that makes your heart swell the first time you watch it.  I know the movie would top so many lists - maybe it's because I've watched it so many times? 

4. The Longest Ride

A cowboy falling in love with a sorority girl?  A cowboy that lets the sorority girl keep his cowboy hat?  What is not to love.  And I love a good ending - and this movie has it.

3. The Lucky One

This movie makes me want to find a picture or a hot stranger to track down and fall in love with.  The steamy love scenes are some of the best.  Zac Efron is HOT.

2. Nights in Rodanthe

Maybe it's because of the older characters... maybe it's because of Richard Gere playing kind of a grumpy guy... but I loved how the characters helped eachother heal.

1.  The Choice

Sure... the story line is kinda the same as all the others.  But throw in a Southern accent and puppies, and I was sold that true love really can conquer all.

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