Sunday Hotties of the Week

by - Sunday, November 16, 2008


There are two Booths?

Booth and Booth Lite.

And I introduce you to the Hotties of the Week.

David Boreanaz and Brendan Fehr.

I don't think that it is fair that there are two hot guys like this in one family*.

*And yes... I know that they really aren't related and that Bones is just a TV show...

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  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I am speechless ... these boys are freakin' hot ... Hmm to shaved heads and damn, I do love a good bath! ... Thanks for posting these Carm ... I will probably look a few more times before I go to bed ...

  2. I am going to suggest that David, himself, is not hot. But if you'd like to talk to me about Angel (you do know that he is Angel from Buffy, right?) then I will gladly enter into that conversation.

    Mmmm, Angel.

  3. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Mmmmm, I was wondering when you would finally put up David Boreanaz in your hotties of the week. Mmmmm.

    And, Jenn! How could you say he's not hot, only hot as Angel? (mmmmm, Angel) I think DB is the hottest man on TV right now. Bones is the first and only tv show I watch simply for the hot dude. Tsk tsk Jenn!


  4. Have you ever heard an interview with DB? Because trust me, if he isn't in character, he is an ass.

    That takes the shine off the hottness rather quickly.