by - Saturday, November 15, 2008

I had the greatest idea for a blog post this morning.

Unfortunately I forgot what it is.

So you just have to deal with some random ramblings.

a) I sat behind a boy at a hockey game last night with THE nicest eyes of all time. Seriously - I could stare into those babies for a very long time. The bad news - he is one of my 'students', so I have to employ the "look, don't touch" philosophy. I can only pray that he has problems and has to come to my office for help. That would be the office I share with another person... boo.

b) I went to a craft fair this afternoon (for some reason I felt I needed a drive into the country) and the old man greeting people at the door somehow managed to cop a feel. I mean - hopefully not on purpose... but still. Now I have it in my mind that the last person to touch my boob was an old man. Yuck.

c) There is no c. But you can't just have an 'a' and a 'b'.

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