Standing on My Political Soapbox

by - Tuesday, December 02, 2008

For someone who really didn't give a damn about politics until this year's Canadian and American elections, the fact that I want to throw my remote control through my TV at the leaders of the various Canadian political parties seems a little odd to me. Watching the news tonight actually got my heart rate up... I mean - WTF?

You see... we (meaning Canadians as a whole) voted for a Conservative minority government. Which kind of sucks, but that is how we collectively voted. All 59.1% (said facetiously) of us. Second were the Liberals, then the Bloc (which is a whole other political rant) and then the NDP. The Green Party had a solid standing, but didn't get any seats in the house.

Now, the Liberals, NDP and Bloc have decided to gang up on the Conservatives and issue a non-confidence vote and get together to form their own coalition party to overthrow the current government.

Before you all get uppity on me... I didn't vote Conservative - I voted for the NDP. So really - if I were totally a party-driven individual this move should make me happy since "my guy" will now have a little more say in the running of my country. So it isn't like I have these feelings because it is "my" party getting overthrown...

But I think it sucks. You can't be sore losers and take three "losing" parties and make them into a winning party. They don't share the same thoughts on issues - for Christ sake - the Bloc don't even want to be a part of Canada. It would be like the losers of the Stanley Cup getting together with the third and fourth place team to overthrow the winning team to claim the Cup for themselves. It is wrong.

It isn't what Canada voted for. I can tell you now that if I knew the NDP were going to pull this shit not two months after the election I wouldn't have voted for them. They are taking my vote and changing it - this is not what we voted for. Honestly... how can you have a non-confidence vote when the new government isn't even two months old (and yeah... I know that we just had a Conservative government so they aren't all that 'new' - but hell - give them a chance to prove that they are full of shit)?

If from the beginning they had gotten together as a coalition (as in BEFORE the election) the votes would have changed. People have gotten the shaft because their vote isn't the same as when they cast it.

Not that I want another election (trust me, at my young age I have already voted in FIVE federal elections - in the States I would only be on my third) but let's do this the honest way... let Canadians know your intentions before they vote so they can be adequately educated on who they want... and not rely on who gangs up on who in the end. The whole face of Canadian politics is a joke.

I will now step on my soapbox now... and keep in mind - this is how I feel... and this is my blog so I can say what I want.

Be thankful in the States that really you only have to choose between two parties... well... with the exception of Nader that is.

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  1. Amen!! I totally agree with you! I also voted NDP as the local candidate was the best of the bunch - which doesn't say alot, I'm afraid. Creating a coalition with the Bloc is like making a deal with the devil. And that's not what I voted for!!!
    On another note, whatcha' think of the Canucks without Bobby Lou? If Sandford's back doesn't get better, we're screwed. I think Schneider needs to play, but we need a plan B if he struggles!
    Luv your blog!!
    Heather L.

  2. We get a lot of people complaining around here about the two-party system, but there are some benefits. Just be glad you're not Italian, where they have like 10 major parties.

  3. Sorry Carm, but I have been hoping for a coalition government. It has been the idea getting me through dealing with another conservative boondoggle. More people voted for a party other than the conservatives than voted for them.

    And this is a key aspect of our government system. Part of what this kind of government structure is about is the ability to form a coalition - and this is why I have continued to hope that if the country could not get their poop together enough to vote out the conservatives, they could at least rely on the other parties involved to get together and actually start doing more FOR our country.

    The amount of secrecy, backroom dealings, stripping of rights/monies/support systems, etc that this conservative government has been part of makes me believe that they are way more dangerous to the way we want to BE as a country than the risks of coalitioning with the Bloc.

    And yep, I know this is your blog and you know I totally love you - but you also know that I don't tend to keep my mouth shut on these things either ;)

  4. - oh, and let alone getting me started on the inability of Harper to deal with this economic situation. We need the Liberal leadership to keep us all doing well. If I could load up a magic space machine to transport Paul Martin to the command controls right now, I would. That guy is awesome with trouble money times - and the Liberals would get on this now.

    Oh yeah, and I can't stand the Liberals - I just want this country to weather this storm.


  5. (I know martin isn't in charge - I was just using him as an example)

    I have to stop commenting now. Malcolm is asleep and I'm running around the internet like a kid in a candy..

    crap, he's up.

  6. ok - so I need my dose of your blog... what are you doing? what happened in your life... need information... addicted... :)