Sunday Hotties of the Week...

by - Sunday, December 14, 2008

As I wait for my gingerbread dough to stiffen a little so I can form it into little men, and as I ponder the lies told to me in my childhood by those at the CBC - telling me for years that Anne (of Green Gables) was indeed an orphan (which I am slowly learning tonight isn't true... and on that note - how can they possibly have an Anne movie without Gilbert? But I digress...)... I bring you this weeks hotties of the week...

I have been watching Top Chef for the last couple of weeks, and apart from the fact that he works at a Dildo Restaurant, Jeff is pretty hot.

And he looks VERY similar to House's resident Australian hottie, Jesse Spencer...

So - as an early Christmas gift to you, my loyal readers, I present to you not one, but two hotties of the week...

A doctor and a chef? And they are hot? What more could a girl as for?

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  1. Jesse Spencer is a hottie...I cannot support the no gilbert/anne is not an orphan.

  2. Thanks for the hotties - woo woo!

    By the way, did you know that you were mentioned on The Daily Egg today?

  3. Ahhhh hahahahaaa! Each time he comes on Jim and I yell out "dude, you work at dildo restaurant!"

    We obviously still share the same brain, you and I.