Wii Fit... or Not to Wii Fit...

by - Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, after the great Wii Fit debacle of early 2009 (well, earlier in 2009 than it is now anyways)... I finally got to put my mitts on my new piece of plastic today.

And I am proud to say that although overweight (and I knew that even without the damn Wii Fit - although the Wii Fit has me two pounds lighter than my scale so at least that part is good), I have a Wii Fit age of 29.

Yeah... 29!

And I am 31! Actually... I am on the downhill slide to 32... so really... 29 is god damn freaking awesome.

I guess my balance isn't as shitty as I thought it would be.

Although watching my little Mii get chunky did kick me in the butt a bit...

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  1. Guess it is my turn to start the Wii Fit hunt. Oh and Monster Jam as well. See you tonight.

  2. Hurray for having a Fit body age of 29! That is awesome!

    The Fit can be pretty depressing when they harass you about not using it often enough, or show your little Mii getting chubby, but it's super fun. And there are all kinds of other games out there now that are compatible with it which makes exercise so easy, you don't even know you're doing it.

  3. Wow, 29! I've heard some of my 20-something friends say they were well into their 40s according to Wii Fit.

    Keep us posted on how it goes...I'm entertaining the idea of getting one...

  4. I've never done Wii-anything. Which I think makes me sort of a loser at this point, haha.

  5. thats fun! I still dont understand the wii fit. how it works. But, people seem to really love it.

    I bet it wouldnt yell at me for "only" losing 1lb in a week like my bootcamp instructor.

  6. Anonymous10:34 AM

    well. rub it in why don't ya.


  7. Anonymous6:12 PM

    I'll get a Wii Fit when my arm relaxes from the constant torture of playing carnival games on the Wii. At least my left forearm is getting really fit...