Addicted Much?

by - Monday, February 16, 2009

Michelle, over at Fluttering Butterflies, had this posted on her blog the other day. Honestly - I thought I would be a lot worse than I was...

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  1. wow - i got 70% on that test... which surprised me...
    Yesterday I actually banned myself from my computer - likely a much needed break - I'm forgetting what life is really like and that I don't need to be on the internet all the time... not that I spend all my time online - but most of my day is consumed with computers...

    hope you are doing ok :)

    I also really like your sunday pick - he turned out to be one sexy man!

  2. Yeah, I thought my number would be higher as well!

  3. hahah, i got 50%.

    which is lovely. but i probably would have been at like 110% a few months ago.

    my blogging time is rapidly decreasing.