Free Communication Weekend... Fail...

by - Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well, I did manage to get to the open communication stage with one guy this weekend. The slight downside is that as much as eHarmony graced us all with a free communication weekend (I think really it was to torture all the single people in the world on the fabulous VD long weekend) they didn't grace us with the ability to actually look at anybody's pictures.

So, that said - Patrick, the 31-year-old IT guy from Calgary could look like a troll. Or a supermodel... I guess I will just have to ask for a picture of him. Because, you know - he could know what I look like - because if he is a subscriber, then he can see me, but because I am cheap - I can't see him. But at least I am in open communication with him...


But to you - Scott, the 33-year-old Business Services Representative, and you - Mike, the 30-year-old Marketing Research guy for a law firm, and you - Mark, the 36-year-old Personal and Professional Development Counsellor... you guys didn't answer my questions quick enough, and when the clock struck midnight last night... you lost out on me until the next free communications weekend.

Or until I get some sort of buy one month, get two free deal by e-mail.

Your loss.

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  1. well, they wouldnt want that one match to stop people from coming back! I met my manfriend online, but we did it at ok cupid. (its free) you have to wade thru the trillions of people who just want boo-tay

  2. I signed up for eharmony too after watching the commercial about the free communication weekend! Nothing came of mine either. It's so much more drawn out then all the other dating sites.