A Lesson In Etiquette...

by - Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This post could have alternately been titled "Don't Budge in the Tim Horton's Drive-Thru Line-Up or You WILL Get Honked/Fingered/Sworn At"...

A few times a week, I go through the Tim's rive-thru and order myself a XL steeped tea, triple-triple. Yes... I have finally found a Tim Horton's that doesn't serve me coffee when I order tea.

The parking lot where this particular Tim's is located is a little tricky... and since there are areas for "through" traffic, when we are in line, we leave a spot for cars to go through... common parking lot courtesy if you ask me.

A note to the chick this morning...


NO LINE CRASHING! (That was on the sign that hung in my high school cafeteria cue.)

It isn't an open spot... it is a courtesy thoroughfare dammit!

Because, chick from this morning, you will be honked at by me, honked at by the guy behind me, and sworn at by the guy behind him... and then laughed at by everyone in the whole parking lot, including no less than SEVEN police officers (there were probably more, I just couldn't see them) (why weren't there any hot firefighters in the parking lot? Arg.).

To the point that she meekly backed up and went to the end of the line, like everyone else in the freaking line does. And seriously, if she could have put your head between your legs and properly driven, I am sure she would have.

The best part of this?

I got air high-fived by the guy behind me for honking. And he was cute.

What day doesn't start well when you get air high-fived?

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  1. I HATE when people do that. People around here can't seem to grasp the concept that a drive thru line should wrap around the building. All of the time people pull straight in the front entrance and try to force themselves right into the drive thru line, ahead of 6 cars already waiting. Seriously, WTF is so hard to understand? It's a LINE!!!!

  2. That was a good-karma high five. If only he'd thrown you his number...

  3. I nearly was guilty of homicide with a line crasher for Lot 9 at U of C. Bitch almost died I tells ya.

    You should have left your phone number at the window and asked the Tims gal to give it to him ;-)

  4. Ha ha ha... great post! Tim Horton's turns people into animals. You should read my piece on Elevator Etiquette.