It's For the Devil...

by - Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When I don't like things, I have often be known to quote at said thing/item/person is "for the Devil". Don't ask why... I have no idea...

Here are some things that are "for the Devil" in my books:
- mustard
- raisins in cinnamon buns
- really long teleconference calls
- re-runs when my online TV guide said the episode was supposed to be new
- my Canucks losing to the stupid Blackhawks and starting their golf season
- cleaning
- whiny female floor hockey players that got even whinier when I called them on it
- terikayi sauce
- the Calgary Flames
- rain when I want to rollerblade
- boys

What are your "for the Devil" things?

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  1. We say "like the devil" when we have to do something right pee!

    BTW, your site just had the weirdest floated to the middle of the blog and then just sat there (it was a bar the length of the screen and about an inch wide). I'd never seen one like that!

  2. raisins are gross, as are conference calls. I must agree with you here. I don't know if I have any original 'for the devil' things to add to your list. Maybe those new popup ads that cover websites until you click them closed. It's too bad people figured out how to do them.

  3. My husband says things are 'the work of the devil' when he doesn't like them, usually referring to food, mushrooms, mayonnaise, etc.

  4. noo... not mustard!! ;)

    hmmm... for me...
    -raisons too
    -not being able to sleep in
    -being out of wine.

  5. Knots in yarn
    rainboots that leak
    those random chin hairs that appear out of nowhere
    being ignored at stores because of your age
    stupid boys


  6. mustard. whaaat. Mustard is the bomb