Dear Lord... Why must ALL weeks begin with a Monday?

by - Monday, June 15, 2009

Today... so far... and it isn't even 11:00 in the damn morning...

- woke up to a wonderful serenade by two industrial ride on lawnmowers, an edger and a leaf blower. There may have been a weed eater in there as well, but it was getting drown out by the other wonderful sounds.
- was blocked into my apartment parking lot by a garbage truck that, for some ungodly reason, could not get the poker things into the dumpster...
... as not to be confused with Lady Gaga's poker things... I mean poker face...

- had to grovel to the "big sister school on the other side of the river"... again...
- the Twix bar that I bought (hey, I figured that if I walked all the way across the campus to get a Coke, I might as well treat myself to chocolate for breakfast) melted on the way back to my office
- suspect that the boy found out that I know all about how he is a douchebag, because I haven't heard from him since Friday night, nor have I heard from the ex-LIGF. Now I can't get my revenge!
- I am in grammar purgatory. It is days like this when I have to write letters to important people that I wish I had taken first-year English in university instead of Geography.

I think that is about it... all I can say is - how many hours until Friday?

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  1. oh, your having an awesome monday! I'm glad cus sometimes i feel like im the only one who gets to have those! wink!

  2. mmm twix sounds good....even melted twix.

    And English is overrated. you could leave a foot note saying that your english is modernist.

  3. Ugh Monday

    Hopefully the week gets better