Sunday Hottie of the Week

by - Sunday, June 14, 2009

It has been a long time since I have crowned anyone my Sunday Hottie of the Week... it isn't because there aren't hot guys out there... it is because I am lazy.

I decided, that in honour of the fact that I watched "He's Just Not That Into You" last weekend, and also in honour of the fact that I think my saga of the guy and the ex-LIGF is almost over (it may actually be over since I haven't heard from him all weekend... granted, this would not be the first time I have been ignored on a weekend only to be pestered by texts during the week)... I bring you Bradley Cooper.
I will try not to hold it against him that he was the cheating slimeball in the movie...

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  1. Ooh, he is so yummy.

  2. OMG hes sooooo yummy in that movie!!!

  3. He so oozes sex appeal. yum,

  4. I SOOOO agree on this one.

  5. Who do I have to bribe to become a Sunday Hottie of the Week?

  6. Jenny from the Block12:57 PM

    He was even hotter looking in The Hangover ... he had these sexy sunglasses on ... hmmm, yum!