I'm Not Dead...

by - Friday, March 26, 2010


I guess I shouldn't leave the world hanging with an "I'm Dying" post for more than a week... you've probably all thought that I died.

I didn't. Or haven't yet anyways.

It turns out that I have a high level of something-or-other in my liver. Normal levels are 1-40 and I am a 70.

Which means I have a fat liver. Or a diseased liver. Or the hep.

I've gone in for more bloodwork (to hopefully rule out the hep) and an ultrasound on my liver.

Hopefully my liver is just fat and I'm not dying of cirrhosis of the liver or anything. Funny thing is that I am a) not jaundiced, b) not in pain and c) wouldn't have ever known anything was "wrong" if I hadn't gone in for some routine bloodwork to figure out things like my cholesterol levels.

Which are just peachy, thankyouverymuch.

Stupid liver.

I hardly ever drink and this is how you treat me?

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  1. 1. This better be fixed before Vegas.
    2. http://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/eca19be1150e68d83a4c76a8f590fccb

  2. Maaaaybe if you drank more your liver would be getting the exercise it needs.

    Just saying.

    (Hope it's nothing major)

  3. Leone's cat Spike also had some liver troubles. He hardly drinks either.

    Life = not fair.

  4. maybe you should drink more to shock your liver into working harder?

    dont listen to me. I have a box of wine in my frig-i-dare.

    seriously, glad you are not dead cus i was starting to wonder.

  5. Labs make mistakes... more bloodwork!