Don't You Dare Give Me Bad Customer Service...

by - Friday, August 27, 2010

Or I'll write about it on my blog. And be sure to post links. And then my millions hundreds dedicated readers can avoid you like the plague. And they have buying power I tell you - you'll (the bad customer service companies) will be sorry you ever messed with me!!

Offender #1 (formerly - but it looks like they sold that domain to IMAX)

I bought this (it's an external iPhone charger that has mucho power). And it set me out $61.45 ($US) including shipping. And it has a one-year warranty according to the website.


So they are black listed.  And I'm not on the scrounge for another semi-powerful travel charger for my iPhone when I'm out of the country and won't always have access to a frigging wall plug.

Damn them.

Offender #2


So - the manfriend needed baseball cleats.  So we venture to the largest sporting goods store (well, chain) in the city.

And then proceeded to stand, holding ($119.99) shoes, five feet away from FIVE EMPLOYEES STANDING THERE WITH THEIR THUMBS UP THEIR NOSES.  Well, actually they were talking about cell phones and pranking people, but they sure as hell weren't helping us.

So... we went to an awesome hole-in-the-wall sporting goods store, got awesome service and got a pair of cleats on sale for $29.99.

Shove it SportChek and your crap service and overpriced shoes.

That's all I can think of now... but I'm sure I'll come up with a few more companies to bitch about in the near future (hear that Telus Mobility - you're on notice!).

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  1. may i add to your list? u-haul.

    when i booked my truck for my move more than 3 weeks ago, and i requested to pick it up at the location just a couple of kilometres away, no one told me that my desired location doesn't accomodate one-way moves and i'd have to pick up the truck 20km away in the middle of nowhere.

    thank goodness i have a friend who can take me out there ... but they honestly don't seem to give a shit that people PLAN these things and it might have been nice to know this information beforehand.

    i'm never moving again. the end. :P

  2. SportChek is actually the worst for customer service. You either can't find an employee in the store to help/open up a changeroom (which are locked and randomly hidden throughout the store - because THAT makes sense...) or else they are stalking you around, trying to find a way to put their little commission sticker on your sports bra that you picked out all on your own like a big girl.

    And consider blacklisted.