Things are good...

by - Sunday, September 12, 2010

I seem to go through ebbs and flows with blogging... some weeks (months) I can post interesting stuff every day, and other times I'm at a stretch to keep this thing running...

It isn't like my brain ever shuts off, it is just sometimes my fingers don't want to co-operate with my brain to coherently put two sentences together.

So then I revert to point-form blog posts again. It feels like a bit of a cop out, but thems the breaks folks.

- I leave for my #UK 2010 trip in less than two weeks. Holy sheeeeet people! Less than two weeks.  I have my monies bought, everything booked (I think) and I'm partially packed.  Okay - I've been partially packed for like months now.  Cause I'm just like that.
- Things with the manfriend are going good. I've officially met the kids (we won't go into the unofficial meeting... that's for a whole other post). He cooks me breakfast, does the dishes, and we go grocery shopping together.  This is good, considering in the six or so years together I couldn't even get my ex to go buy milk for me if I asked.  Probably cause he was a lazy fuck, but again... that could be a whole other blog post.
- Fall TV starts soon. Vampire Diaries already started. It is this time of year that I looove my PVR. Although, there doesn't seem to be many new shows I'm all that interested in... I'm going to stick with pretty much the same old, same old I think.
- I bought Canucks tickets for me and the manfriend. It will be his first Canucks game... it's just the pre-season, and we are sitting in the rafters, but I hope he likes it.  All I've told him is that we are doing something that night and he's not allowed to work late.
- I leave for the UK in less than two weeks (sorry - that deserved two bullet posts).
- Everyone I know is pregnant. Well... except me... thank the SBJ about that. I finally met one friends little guy today and he is a cutie!

So - any idea on new shows this year? Am I missing anything good by sticking with the same shows I watched last year?

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    #UK2010 - I'm so excited for you.

    And, in closing, I do believe I like the Manfriend. He sounds like a good man. You deserve a good man. Cheeeeers!

  2. im really not excited about fall tv this year. sigh.

    ohh your gonna have such a good time!

  3. Glee is still my fave show!! If you aren't watching it, check it out for sure!!

    So jealous you're going to Ireland and Scotland.. I SOOOOOO want to go there.. like soooo bad!!

    Glad things are going well with the manfriend.. wtf he has kids?? I was surprised to hear that.. how old?