I've been a good girl Santa...

by - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So I made this handy dandy treasury on Etsy to make life easy for you...

I have quite the eclectic taste don't I?

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  1. ... Hanging Owl Baby Mobile?

    Hmmmm? ;)

  2. I would put the mobile up in my office. There is not and never will be a baby in my uterus!

  3. I love the owls!!

  4. Jenny from the Block11:11 PM

    a knitted white chair cover? ... interesting... would not think of that being on your list!

  5. um... kind of sad that I can't click through to etsy on all of these great ideas - I love etsy... so now I will look through etsy to try and find them on my own :)
    thanks for sharing the great ideas - and I agree - the owl mobile is awesome!