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by - Monday, November 01, 2010

So, yesterday I went to buy some Diet Coke at Shopper's Drug Mart because they had a 6-pack of the 710 mL bottles on for $1.99.  Which is a steal, I know - and the sale was only for Sunday and Monday (the whole sale flyer runs Saturday to Friday I think).

I went to four different stores (yeah, I'm a bit obsessive, but they were all on my way to floor hockey) and they were all sold out.  At the last one, I asked for a raincheck.

In my opinion, rainchecks are for items that are either a) sold out before the sale is over or b) the store didn't get their stock in time.

I was told that I couldn't get one... cause it was "the policy" for two-day sales. Neither the ad itself, the sign above the empty palets of Coke products nor the flyer small print mentioned "this policy" (I had the cashier read the small print, and she couldn't find "the policy" either).

I do notice sometimes that when some stores are having kickass deals, that they mention in their flyer that there will be no rainchecks.  Canadian Tire is an example of that - they let their customer know ahead of time... no hiding it.  And to me that is the way to go.

This whole thing got me ticked because a) they had product but it just sold out, b) they didn't mention in their ad that there wouldn't be rainchecks, c) their small print mentioned nothing of "the policy" and d) selling out of a product at a kickass price does not lead me to believe that there are any extenuating circumstances regarding the sale, except that they sold out (meaning that the world isn't going through an unexpected Coke shortage, there was no snowstorm delaying delivery, etc.).

The very rude cashier told me to contact corporate office, which I plan on doing tomorrow with print screens of the ad, and their small print.

Am I totally off my rocker for making this an issue?

PS. Manfriend went to a Shoppers I didn't get to while I was at floor hockey and did find me two packs... but I wanted more. But he's a sweetie and I'll keep him for at least another week.

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  1. well thats just a buncha crap! one time i made my own cottonelle toiletpaper 4 pack cus they were on sale, and they were out, and i just opened up a "case" of them and took a 4pack to the register. youd have thought i was stealing or something.

    they made the biggest stink about it!

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    You are not making a big deal out of it. They had a sale on here the week before I went on holiday. The sunday monday thing for cases of water 24 for 1.99. I went in first thing sunday morning to get a couple of cases for my road trip, to find there was none. We had had a boil water alert on the thursday before cause some beaver shit in the water. I was told sorry no rain check cause it was a two day sale. I said well since you sold your sale stock at full price on thursday then i should be able to get a rain check. Sorry store policy. So I kindly pointed out the the amoun t they had purchased for the sale should be the amount they shjould honor in rain check. Got a polite sorry there is nothing I can do for you. I left. The next evening I was in town and when to the old store and gee there was a whole skid of it. Got my water at sale price and I guess I'll have to go to Courtenay for sale items from now on. Love Mo

  3. Shoppers suck bum.

    My understanding is that unless they state that policy... they should honor a raincheque.