Lacking Wisdom...

by - Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Before Christmas, I broke a tooth, but because I'd run out of money in my dental plan, I delayed getting anything done to it until the new year (and maybe after another piece broke off).

I have very breaky teeth.

I booked an appointment to get what I thought was the tooth in front of my wisdom tooth fixed (the 1-7 for all your dental people out there)... but it turns out that the tooth that was actually broken was my second-to-last wisdom tooth.

I already had half of them pulled a few years ago under general anathesia.

Since wisdom teeth are pretty much useless, my dentist suggested that instead of taking the money to fill the gaping hole, that I might want to consider getting it pulled.

And I said sure.

Cause apparently I'm nuts.

So - after some topical freezing, the dentist PULLED MY TOOTH OUT!

The sound it made (since it is like a millimetre away from my damn eardrum) was awful.  Like a bone breaking. Not to mention the suction-y sound when it actually came out. 

But, it was less than 15 minutes from decision to done deal.

The dentist asked if I wanted to keep it.  I declined, since it was doubtful that a) the Tooth Fairy would come and b) the manfriend probably wouldn't stay with me if I made a necklace out of my tooth.

So... that's the story of how I went into the dentist for a filling, and ended up losing another quarter of my wisdom.

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  1. I had one of my five wisdom teeth pulled like that.. with just freezing, it was gross!!

  2. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Kat, 5 wisdom teeth! I only ever had 1 and it was pulled many years ago as it grow out the front of the gum instead of top. So apparently I was never very wise and haven't been for quiet some time if I take a page out of Carmen's book. And no Carmen the tooth fairy would have visited you!!! Love Mo

  3. Oh jesus.
    I was supposed to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled a couple years ago, but when I woke up from the surgery (surgery sounds like a big word to use here.. When I woke from the teeth pulling) I was informed they only pulled 3, and that I'll have to come back to get the 4th taken out later. It was too deep or something. I am still very mad about this. I hear the sounds are just TERRIBLE, but to get knocked out for a single tooth seems a little dramatic.


  4. The best adjunct to meds...wear earphones with music/sound you love while undergoing any dental procedure. I tried calming, quiet music first...then realized that I liked sound that drowned out the dental sounds.

  5. I had an extra tooth (and no wisdom teeth go figure) in the front bottom teeth that I got pulled when I was 9. I kept it.