A Perfect Way to Prove You're Ignorant...

by - Saturday, January 08, 2011

I was dropping a book off at the local library this afternoon... I didn't feel like going in, so I used the book drop outside the main entrance.

The book drop is located right beside a garbage can.

A garbage can (that is less than a foot from the entrance to the public library) that has written on it (on the two sides I could see anyways) "Please No Poop".

That didn't stop an asshole from reading the sign out loud, guffawing under his breath and dropping dog poop in the garbage.

I (of course) said "The can says no poop", and started walking away.

The guy then yells after me "Where the hell am I supposed to put it then?".

To which my answer was "Take it home - your dog, your shit".

I left with him raising his arms above his head in the looking at me like I'd grown a third arm for calling him on his "mistake" (which wasn't a mistake - he knew exactly what the hell he was doing).

Seriously - if you're going to the library either a) don't bring your dog if you think it will take a dump on the way that you'll need to find a way to dispose of it or b) find another garbage can that isn't right beside the entrance to a public place that specifically doesn't ask you to not to dispose of your dog poop in it before you go into the library.  Should the rest of the world have to deal with the smell of your dog's crap every time they enter the building? No.

I hope that he at least felt like a big dick as we had this exchange in front of about a half dozen people - all of which gave him the "are you serious?" look.  Picking up the crap is only half the battle...

Some people.

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  1. wonder why so many people throw poop there that they need to put a sign up? that seems odd....lol

  2. What is wrong with people? Hasn't he heard of a trashcan or the GRASS? Why couldn't he simply take a baggie with him, wrap it up, and hold on to it until he found the proper place to dispose of it? Doesn't he realize that someone has to put their hand in that drop box to get the books? SICKO!

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