My Final Thoughts on the Vancouver Riots

by - Sunday, June 19, 2011

Despite all of the bad, a couple of good things have come out of the riots that broke out after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals in Vancouver.

First is how the social media community has banded together to catch the criminals.  Through Facebook, Twitter and blogs many of the culprits have been caught.  And the true Vancouverites have gathered together to clean up their Vancouver, and even a group This is my Vancouver has sprung up on Facebook to show the world that we are not a bunch of drunk, truck-tipping, gasoline carrying morons. 

Also coming out of this is the proposed punishment of the individuals in question that took part in destroying the city.  While I firmly believe that there were going to be a number of riots whether the Canucks won or lost (proven by the fact that cars were brought in to burn, and really - who carries gasoline on them normally unless they plan on setting fire to something?), some people probably just got caught up in it all.  But they should still be punished to the full extent of the law (we will save a rant on how I think the Canadian legal system is wimpy for another day). I've heard the term domestic terrorism thrown around... rather fitting I think.

One of my favorite quotes is from the lawyer of Nathan Kotylak, a Vancouverite who plays played for the University of Calgary water polo team, and was an Olympic hopeful in the event.  Kotylak, the son of a Calgary doctor, is apparently very distraught.  And his lawyer has said that his actions "don't represent his true character".

I disagree Nathan.  I think that the things you do in the heat of the moment represent your true character fully, and you are more distraught about being caught than you are over your actions (and really - whether or not you actually lit the rag is a moot point don't you think? It's like saying your remorseful because the bullet you handed the guy with the gun killed someone).

Photo courtesy of the Vancouver Province
May you pay justly for your actions, and I hope to never see you on any Canadian Olympic team in the future.

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  1. i really never knew people took hockey so seriously!! That looked really scarey!