Oh, for Fricks Sake...

by - Thursday, June 16, 2011

This person is a moron. If you know who he is, please contact the Vancouver Police at (604) 717-3321 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

I am disgusted at the rioting that went on in downtown Vancouver last night.

I am sure that these are not true hockey fans, but idiots that would have rioted whether the Canucks had won or lost.

These people are a bane to society, and I hope that the Vancouver Police does everything they possibly can to arrest and charge every single idiot involved.

I guess I'm glad that these people aren't so smart. In this day and age, why would you post to Twitter and Facebook pictures of you burning cars, looting and just generally being dicks?  In my mind, you post to a public forum and you suffer the repercussions.  Hopefully that means stiff fines and jail time.

It's no wonder that the rest of the country thinks so poorly of us - because a small percentage of morons wreck it for the thousands of other people that gathered to cheer on their team in a peaceful manner.

Unfortunately I can find very little on the internet speaking to the hundreds of volunteers that got up this morning, garbage bags in hand and helped clean up the destruction.  Kudos to you.

And shame on those that think burning cars is cool. May you rot in hell.

ETA... It's been brought to my attention that the person in the picture above has been identified.  I encourage all of you that are in/from Vancouver to visit the Vancouver Police website to see how you can help catch the criminals responsible for the rioting.

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  1. The guy in the photo was identified - high school student...


  2. I could not get over the dumbasses posing for pictures. I saw one guy cheesing for the camera while holding a stolen Coach bag, tags still on it. Seriously???