The Wheel of NHL Inconsistent Discipline...

by - Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Wheel of NHL Inconsistent Discipline has struck again.  I think everything can be summed up in my Facebook update...

... and the Wheel of NHL Discipline Inconsistency has spun again. While I am not complaining of a suspension to Aaron Rome, I'd like to point out the the call on the ice for the Rome/Horton hit was exactly the same as the call on the ice for the Chara/Pacioretty hit that resulted in no suspension as the NHL could not determine an intent to injure. Nice to see they're in Rome's head, but obviously can't reach Chara's.
I didn't think the hit deserved a suspension, based fully on the precedent set by the NHL when they didn't suspend Zdeno Chara. I am not complaining that Aaron Rome got suspended, but I am getting tired of the inconsistency coming out of the NHL head office.

It's a fast game, and the league has known that it has only been getting faster for years. I blame them for letting the league get to the point that there are even these plays, that players are getting injured, and that there is a lack of a consistent standard of punishment.

ETA. Apparently the hit was a "hockey play gone wrong" according to Mike Murphy of the NHL, and that Rome was suspended for the late hit, not a blindside. That means it was interference, and there was a call on the ice for that - five minutes and a game. Do we now suspend every player who is involved in an injury collision just because there was an injury? What if there was no infraction on the play? What if a call was made on the ice to penalize the player? Is there going to soon be a two-minute penalty for injuring even if no infraction occurred? Why does it seem like the "better" the player injured, the stiffer the call? All players should be treated as equals on the ice... cause the league today has basically told Max Pacioretty that he isn't as important as Nathan Horton - that's why the hit on him didn't warrant a suspension.  I'm sorry, but I just don't get it.Inconsistency at it's best folks.

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