My Brush With Royalty... Priceless

by - Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting up at 5:00 am and waking up two kids to drag with me... torture.

Riding the c-train by 5:30 am but getting free parking...unexpected.

Sitting on a curb on downtown Calgary fighting morons that think that they deserve a front row seat when they wander on in at 8:45 am for a 9:00 am parade start... frustrating.

Seeing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for about two milliseconds as they pass by in their car... disheartening.

Getting a picture of Princess Catherine looking RIGHT AT ME... priceless.

Say what you want, but it was the experience of a lifetime, and apart from the fact that I had awesome seats, was told to move from them, only to see other people sit there for the entire parade (I should write the City or something... I do know the mayor after all), it was worth it.

Especially the part where I almost pulled a groin muscle climbing into a restricted zone to try (unsuccessfully) to get better pictures.

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  1. shut up this is bad-ass! I get excited if I know someone who got on the local radio station for a contest, I dont think that counts as royalty, but its good to have dreams!