No... I don't have a trip planned to the United Arab Emirates...

by - Monday, July 04, 2011

So, apparently some dickwad (or dickwadess) decided to steal my credit card number and charge a number of things:
- airfare to the United Arab Emirates (dude... it's waaaaay too hot there for me to ever want to go... plus they don't play hockey there!)
- $2000 in charges for an off-shore casino (my maximum bet is never more than $5 in blackjack, and always in person - I want to see the person taking my money from me)
- an unknown amount to an art gallery in Europe (why is it that I when I hear about people's credit card numbers being stolen, almost always are there charges for art? Why art?)
- and $1500 donation to some Oxfam charity in England (while I have supported Oxfam by visiting their used book stores abroad... $1500 may be stretching it a bit)

In all over $6000 was charged.  Luckily, in Canada (I'm not sure if this is just us or it's kind of a universal credit card thing), we have excellent fraud protection - it was actually the bank that called me to ask if I had made these charges.  It was a short less-than-five-minute phone call to get all the fraudulent charges reversed, and for them to order me a new card.

Thank god Canada Post is working again... so I should have my card in 5-7 days.  Until then... hello Visa!

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  1. This JUST happened to me last week!

    What a pain in the arse, eh?