The "Meet" Market

by - Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm kind of off my hiatus from online dating... that is to say that while I don't think there are any fish in the Plentyoffish sea for me, I still log on every once in awhile to see what wonders the internet has for me to look at.

One of the new features of Plentyoffish since the last time I was on the site a year and a half ago is the "meet me" button.

I've mentioned before, it's like the chat roulette of online dating.

I've decided that the feature really sucks.  For one... I get kind of excited when someone wants to "meet" me, even though I know it was just the click of a button that sent the person my way.

Then I also look at the person and wonder if they even took the time to look at my profile before clicking "yes".

Cause I'm kind of wondering why truckers from northern Alberta who enjoy hunting (as seen in their profile picture of them posing with a dead animal), UFC and "finding a women's hot spot" (I can't make that shit up people) would think that we'd have anything in common.

I think I just attract weirdos.

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  1. PGJenny4:54 PM

    I'd be game for someone to find my hot spot! Bhahahaah ... Gawd online dating is a such a gong-show! ... but seriously, back to that hot spot part ... :-)

  2. A friend of mine routinely sends me her "Pick of the week" from plenty of fish. Some people are strange :)

  3. well, dont feel bad ive been on POF for a long time too...i am contimplating going to a paid site, where the "fishing" thru the jerks vs. the genuine guys may not be as much of a job!!