Ten on Tuesday

by - Tuesday, January 31, 2012

These questions were provided by Kara’s Chatter! (And I love that Chelsea mentioned that she’s Canadian… in case you were wondering about the “favourite”s - we love our "u"s up here!)

1. What’s your variety of apple?
Granny Smith.  Hands down.  I don't like red apples at all.  
2. Do you prefer Long-English or Field cucumbers?
Long-English... greek salad!!
3. Tomatoes – Delicious or disgusting?
Gross!  They are all seedy and slimy inside.  I do however, like ketchup and my favorite soup is tomato (but only the no name kind).  Go figure.
4. What’s one fruit or vegetable that you can’t stand and why is that?
I'm not a fan of zucchini, squash, beets, brussel sprouts or peas.  Or yams unless they are in fry form.
5. What’s your favourite way to prepare veggies? (Grilled, boiled, roasted, sautéed, etc.)
Depends on the veggie... I like roasted and baked potatoes, grilled asparagus on the BBQ... some of the other ones can be boiled - but not to the point of mushiness.
6. Sweet potato pie: Love it or hate it?
Do we "do" sweet potato pie in Canada??
7. What’s your favourite “style” of French fry? Wedges, shoelace, curly, crinkle-cut or other?
Depends on where I'm getting them.  I like the thin fries from McDonalds and Wendy's (although I haven't had them in awhile)... but what I really like are pub style fries - think Five Guys fries... yummy!
8. What’s your favourite fruit-pie filling?
The only pie worth eating is apple pie.  The rest are sub-standard in my opinion.
9. When you were a kid did your parents make you sit at the table until all your veggies were eaten off your plate?
I can't remember... I would imagine we did because of my dad.  If I ever had kids I'd make them eat everything on their plate or they'd get the same food for breakfast in the morning - I guess that's why I'm not a parent - I'd be a tyrant at meal time.
10. Do you drink veggie & fruit juice blends (such as V8, etc.) or make them yourself?

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  1. I also love ketchup and will eat tomato soup but think tomatoes are totally slimy and disgusting. I just can't stand them at all!

  2. We have very opposite veggie tastes! I basically like them all except cooked mushrooms (slimy!) and Eggplant (no one should eat deadly nightshades!)...

  3. high five on the granny smith! its the only tolerable apple out there!!!!

    recently, ive started having cut up tiny bits of tomato in salads, it isnt too horrible when doused in red wine viniger....i suppose!