Dating is hard work...

by - Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two weeks.

Three first dates.

One extreme googling session leading to one of the guys having a website devoted to him by a woman from his past (I haven't decided if she's psycho, or he's some kind of womanizer, but it doesn't really matter as there was no love match - the date was like a job interview for a job I didn't want).

One guy more interested in me than I am him. He's a nice guy... but just not for me. And he calls me "cutie" which kind of makes me want to throw up.

One guy who I actually though was pretty cool, but don't necessarily get the same vibe from him. Too bad - he is 6'5" and a Canucks fan.

Still chatting with two more guys...

This dating thing is like a full-time job, and so far my only payment has been a tea, a Strongbow and a brunch.

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  1. i hate dating! it really is work! and i wonder, should it be? if i dont want to go out on a date is it because i dont like the person or am i being isolated. ugh. it really sucks lol but one day its going to pay off, right??