Best. Lecture. Ever.

by - Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In my job, I get to lecture people on a weekly almost daily basis.  I have my lecture pretty much perfected... it is an fairly equal mix of "what the eff are you doing with your life" and "let's make a plan so that you don't become the world's biggest failure".

But today... I topped all previous lectures.

The one I gave today was Oscar worthy.  Seriously - I wish there had been a camera in my office to record the spectacularness of this lecture.

I've rehashed it at least three times today with different people.

I'm still running a high five hours after the lecture that got me through a staff meeting without killing anyone.

It made me happy.

Not because I almost made someone cry.

But because I think I saw a light turn on... a very dim light... perhaps a flicker of candlelight... but a light.

This is why I do my job.

For those light bulb flickering candlelight moments.

If anyone needs me, I'll be over here working on my Oscar acceptance speech.

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  1. its gotta feel great to love what you do!!