Money Woes

by - Monday, May 27, 2013

One thing I've noticed from being part of the Twitter community for about five years, is that there are constant complaints about money.

Complaining about a lack of money specifically (do people ever complain about having too much money?) that is. 

And, while I stand on top of my soapbox, I have a few words of advice for those people (of course, stop your bitching is my first words of advice, but I digress)...

Stop spending outside your means. Don't complain about a lack of money when I can see that you just spent $1000 on hockey gear for your kid. There is no child in the world that needs that much spent on them in gear. There's this cool place called Canadian Tire, where you can get all the gear you need for your kid (including skates) for less than a couple of hundred bucks. Brand name even!

Don't spend money on things you won't use. If you don't cook, and have no intention of learning how to cook, is there really a need to upgrade to granite countertops and convection ovens with warming drawers? I mean, if you don't cook, what the heck to you need to keep warm anyways?

Look at what other people spend for comparable services. Yes, my property taxes are more than they were last year, by about $5/month. But I live in a large, growing city that needs infrastructure, transit, road upgrades, sports facilities, etc. Is every penny spent well? No. But I paid more taxes in another city for far less in return. So before you complain that your politicians are overpaid (which I'm sure they are) look at what else your taxes are paying for. And then remember that if you didn't have those services, you'd be bitching even louder. And that just because you don't use a specific service, doesn't mean it isn't a valuable one. 

You don't need to go out/drink/party/be entertained every minute of every day. You don't need the newest technological devices. If you complain about the cost of basics, stop spending money on the extras. Stop spending money on status. 

Do I have nice things? Yes. Do I spend beyond my means at times? Yes. Do I really need everything I have? No. 

But if I have a lack of money, it's my own fault and it isn't something I should constantly complain about. 

Stop trying to keep up with the mythical Jonses. Live within your means and stop complaining that you have no money. 

Or I'll nominate you for a Gail Vaz Oxlade show. And she's way meaner than me. 

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