Today is the day!

by - Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Well, it's my birthday, but even more importantly - Target opened in Calgary today.

Like a sucker, I had to go. I had to see if it was like Target in the States... and it kind of was.

I figure about 70% of the stuff in the sore could've already been bought in Canada. Target brought in a couple of their own brand names (Mossimo for example)... but a lot of the stuff was the same as you could've gotten at Walmart up the street.

Granted, that didn't stop me from buying myself some new birthday shoes. $20! And they even had size 11.

What I don't get were people wandering through the store like they'd never been in a department/superstore before. Watching one lady watch her cart take a different path up the escalator than her was amusing (and gave the Target employees a good laugh).

I'm just glad there's some more choices... I never went to Zellers (they were overpriced and rather scummy), so this gives me another place to look for things to spend (waste?) my hard-earned money on.

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  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Nice shoes. Our Target doesn't open until much later this year as they are doing major reno's and addition here, but Campbell River's opened and of course I was there last Saturday with the car. Oh well I probably didn't miss much!

  2. oh target is bad news! they have the best buyers, everything they have seems to call your name in every direction!!