The One?

by - Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sometimes I find myself thinking about a guy from my past... way back in my university days.

We liked each other... but the timing was always off. He had a girlfriend, I worked too much, we lived in different cities dying the summer (really, when I went to university it was before the advent of texting, smart phone and in all honesty, the regular use of email)... the odds were always against us. Then I met my ex and eventually got married, and last I heard he was with a first-class bitch that had him secured by the gonads. 

We hooked up a couple of times during school, the time we spent together was good... but we never had a relationship. 

Is it weird, that even though we haven't seen each other in well over 10 years (and the last time was just a quick hello in a hallway... I'm pretty sure I was already married at the time), and even though we never had a relationship, that I wonder what would happen if I ran into him now. Would the timing finally be right? 

Or would we just say "hi" and keep going along our current paths?

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  1. My second chance hallway happened.

    The timing was finally right.

  2. None of my ex's or almost boyfriends suffered from timing problems. But I do think timing plays a LOT into a good relationship.

    I'm pretty sure if I'd met my husband when he was in high school we wouldn't be together.

  3. timing is everything....and I find myself often wondering the same thing about a certain someone. You just never know what's meant to be until it is. We all change so much from day to day...