Broken Ankle Diary... Day 32

by - Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The other day (somewhere around day 28) I got mad at my cast. 

Like really angry. Not a pity me angry, but a "fuck you and the horse you rode in on" angry.

I was done with it. And at best I had another two weeks to go. 

I've gotten over the anger. I'm embracing my knee scooter. I tell my story over and over. 

I'm hopeful that in 12 more sleeps, I'll be rid of this cast forever. 

Side story...

Every once in awhile I suffer from a case of restless leg syndrome. While trying to fall asleep, my legs just don't want to stop moving. 

Try having that when your leg is in a cast, your foot is at a forced 90 degree angle and you can get your leg and foot to stop twitching. 

Fun times. 

12 more sleeps. Then I'm hoping for a walking boot and physio. 

And no more legs that seem to have a mind of their own as I try and sleep. 

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  1. Boo to restless legs - I hate that. David gets it as well - it gets worse (by a lot) if he eats processed tomatoes... I hope they have a styling new boot for you in 12 days :)

  2. that has to be the worst!! i can't imagine!