It's been awhile... Broken Ankle Diary at 11 weeks

by - Monday, March 31, 2014

I bet y'all thought my leg succumbed to gangrene, fell off and I died, right?

Nope... I'm actually healed fairly well from the Great Fall of 2014... I've been out of a cast for five weeks now and in physio and while I'm not back to "normal", I'll be good to go (as long as I wear a compression sock to keep down the swelling that they say will last a year!) to Iceland in two weeks. 

Two weeks! Iceland!

Here are a few pics from when the cast came off, and a current picture so you can see how well it's healing...
A picture of my X-ray
Right after the cast was taken off
Um yeah... I had a bit of dry skin
Just a little muscle atrophy in my calf and a cankle - a perfect combination
11 weeks post surgery
I have to get a screw removed on Monday (the long one in the X-ray picture), but apparently the recovery time is about as long as it takes for the freezing to wear off. I also have to get this knob-thing looked at (I call it a nubbin, the physiotherapist called is a nodule) - hopefully it's just some scar tissue, and not a horn growing from my leg. 

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  1. omg what an ordeal!! hope you have an amazing vacation! can't wait to see pics!