Recapping my 2017 Travel

by - Friday, January 19, 2018

Playa Jacó, Costa Rica 2017
In the past year, I've travelled to Vietnam (my luggage didn't seem to want to travel there with me though, as it took three days to show up!), Cambodia, Thailand, China (albeit on a brief flight stopover), Costa Rica and Panama.

I plan on doing a recap of each place, but I'm unsure of how much detail to put in.  This isn't a travel blog per se (although with the amount of travelling I do, it really could morph into one if I had the drive to keep up with it), but I think people do find my blog based on country/city Google searches - do people just want to see pictures, or would a little more msubstance be appreciated?

Things I've thought to put in travel recaps are a review of my accommodation, how I got around (how easy transit way to navigate - that kind of thing), whether or not I'd recommend the touristy sites I saw, and any neat tidbits that I think people would be interested in.

Maybe I'll do a couple of detailed posts and see if anyone actually reads them.  If not, I'll just go back to pretty pictures!

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